Acrorad is a member of Siemens Healthineers, which provides products and services including diagnostic imaging apparatus, laboratory diagnostics, genetic screening, and therapy systems as a global healthcare company in order to empower medical personnel to provide high-quality patient care efficiently. Being truly trusted partner for you, as well as delivering better QOL to more people are our important mission. While operating such healthcare businesses, protecting personal information of everyone including customers, suppliers, vendors and employees is important obligation to us. Therefore, Acrorad works toward appropriate protection of the personal information in accordance with following policy.

Acrorad Co., Ltd.

13-23 Suzaki, Uruma-shi, Okinawa 904-2234, Japan

Representative Director and President

Ryoichi Ohno

1. Purpose of the data processing

  • 1.1 Acrorad processes the personal information in the context of its business activities (published on Acrorad's web site for details) for the following purposes.
    • (1) Making contacts for business discussions and advance arrangements
    • (2) Implementing contracts
    • (3) Shipping products
    • (4) Providing maintenance of the products and other services
    • (5) Delivering information about new products, events, seminars, etc.
    • (6) Delivering publications and e-mail newsletters
    • (7) Improving our service by using information such as customer satisfaction surveys, product development, questionnaire surveys including trials, and data analyses related to the results
    • (8) Communicating with and providing information to recruited persons including interns
    • (9) Submitting reports and notifications to the government office
    • (10) Responding to inquiries.

  • 1.2 Acrorad may record the call contents when received inquiries by phone call, in order to make an accurate understanding.
  • 1.3 Acrorad shall not process the personal information beyond the aforementioned purposes without the person's prior consent.

2. Third party provision

Acrorad shall not provide the personal information to a third party except following cases.

  • (1) When the person has consented
  • (2) When Acrorad commissions the processing of the personal information to a third party to the extent required to achieve the purpose mentioned above
  • (3) When the responses to the inquiries from customers or information from Acrorad are thought to be appropriate that related companies or distributors of Acrorad would make contacts
  • (4) When a third party commissioned by Acrorad make contacts on performing customer satisfaction surveys, product development, questionnaire surveys including trials by the internet, phone call, or e-mail
  • (5) When the data are in joint processing stated in section 3
  • (6) When disclosure of the data is permitted by the law

3. Joint processing of the personal information

Acrorad may transfer the personal information to the following extent:
  • (1) Categories of personal information transferred:
    • Full name, organization name, position, work address, work telephone number, work FAX number, work e-mail address, gender, age, and other information included in the inquiries.
  • (2) Purpose of the joint processing Identical with Section 1 "Purpose of the data processing"
  • (3) Extent of companies to be engaged in joint processing Affiliated companies of Siemens Healthineers (*).
    • (*) Affiliated companies of Siemens Healthineers are Siemens Healthineers AG and companies 50% or more of whose stock is held directly or indirectly by Siemens Healthineers AG, including Siemens Healthcare K.K., Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics K.K., and Acrorad Co., Ltd.
  • (4) Party with responsibility for the management of joint processing
    • Siemens Healthcare K.K.

4. Processing the specific personal information

Acrorad shall process the "specific personal information" (information which can identify a specific individual, especially in relation to the individual number assigned by Japanese government) correctly by complying the laws/guidelines "Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure" (hereinafter "Individual Number Act"), "Act on the Protection of Personal Information", and "Specific Personal Information Protection Assessment Guidelines (for Businesses)" in its business activities. 
  • (1) Acrorad processes the specific personal information appropriately by complying this privacy policy as the basic principle for appropriate processing of the specific personal information.
  • (2) Acrorad may obtain and process the specific personal information for the purpose of performing administrative procedures related to social security, taxation, and disaster countermeasures which are specified in each item, Article 9 of Individual Number Act, to the extent required to achieve the purpose. The purposes for obtainment and procession of the specific personal information mainly include: 
    • a. Booking in each kind of payment record for submission to the tax office superintendent, such as payment records of remunerations, fees, dividends, surplus sharing, interest on funds, real estate rents, real estate acquisition expenses; and
    • b. Performing commissioned paperwork including processing the specific personal information by administrative agency or other business operators.
  • (3) Acrorad shall not transfer the specific personal information to a third party, as well as joint processing unless legally prescribed cases. However, Acrorad may provide the specific personal information if a case corresponds to one of the items stated in Article 19 (limitation of providing the specific personal information) of Individual Number Act.
  • (4) Acrorad may commission a third party to process the specific personal information to the extent of purposes legally permitted.
  • (5) A company commissioned by Acrorad may communicate with the person's registered contacts to ask submitting the specific personal information.
  • (6) In order to request disclosure, rectification, addition, erasure, suspension of processing, suspension of provision to a third party, and notification of purpose of processing about the specific personal information that Acrorad holds, please send a request by following the "procedure of disclosure request" stated in Section 5 of this policy.
  • (7) If you have opinions or questions about the specific personal information that Acrorad holds, please communicate with the "data privacy contact" stated in Section 6 of this policy. 

5. Procedure of disclosure request

Acrorad responds to requests about the personal information for disclosure in accordance with Act on the Protection of Personal Information, notification of purpose of processing, rectification, addition, erasure, suspension of processing, and suspension of provision to a third party or joint processing by following procedure.
  • (1) Request procedure
    • Please fill out the requirements on the designated form, attach an identity verification document, then post them by ways which make records of delivery such as registered mail.
  • (2) Designated request form
  • (3) Fee
    • a. Disclosure of the personal information Request fee is 1000 yen for one request. Please transfer the fee to designated bank account notified after the request submission. The transfer fee should be paid at the requester's end.
    • b. Rectification, suspension of processing, etc. of the personal information Request fee is free.
  • (4) Necessary documents for identity verification
    • a. Please attach a photocopy of the driver's license, the health insurance card, the passport, or other certification published by the public agency which can verify your identity (hereinafter "identity verification document") to the request form.
    • b. When a substitute will send the request, identity verification documents of the requester and the substitute, as well as a proxy with signature and seal by the requester and the certificate of seal-impression are also necessary to be submitted.
  • (5) Notes
    • a. The personal information submitted with the request will be used only for identity verification, communication with the requester, and management of response status inside the company.
    • b. Re-submission may be asked if there were a defect in documents or several request items were included in one request.
    • c. Acrorad may not provide answers to the request if answering is not legally obligated or would involve considerable impairment of the business activities. Furthermore, even the answer is not provided, the fee already paid would not be refunded.
    • d. The request form or the attached documents submitted will not be returned in principle.

6. Safety Management Measures

In order to properly manage risks related to personal information (unauthorized access, loss, theft, destruction, and leaks of data) and personal information, Acrorad has taken necessary and proper safety management measures as follows:

  • a. Establish regulations for handling of personal information in cases of being requested for disclosure, correction, suspension of use and deletion of personal information held by Acrorad
  • b. In order to avoid risks such as leaks of personal data, Acrorad will delete and dispose the personal information which retention period is expired, and which data becomes unrequired by necessary and proper methods.
  • c. Determine Personal Information Protection Manager who has responsible for handling of personal information.
  • d. Personal Information Protection Manager shall take measures such as prepare and maintain regulations regarding personal information protection, implement the safety measures, establish system of personal information protection to promote education and training, and ensure everyone’s awareness.
  • e. Regularly conduct an audit to inspect that personal information is properly managed under personal information protection system.
  • f. Prepare and maintain reporting system when violation or threatened violation of  personal information protection system is detected.
  • g. Implement Safety Management Measures based on an understanding of the personal information protection system in Singapore, where the personal data is stored.

7. Data privacy contact

Contact for inquiries or complaint about processing of the personal information, or inquiries about general privacy policy is:
•Inquiry contact
Siemens Healthcare K.K. Gate City Osaki West Tower 1-11-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8644
•Privacy function e-mail:

8. Article 28 GDPR

Siemens Healthineers shall comply "Siemens Healthineers personal information processing regulation under Art. 28 GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation)" in order to comply the requirements of GDPR. Please confirm this privacy policy periodically, since it may be revised in accordance with amendment of the laws or changes in our privacy protection system.

Revision: 28th March, 2022

Personal Information Protection Manager